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  • Colourful Carpets in the Shop

    We have an array of fun colourful carpets in the Ullanlinna shop. All hand crafted with around 20-30 years history but in amazing condition. These beauties come from various areas of Morocco, each piece is unique. Stop by for a look or for those not living in Helsinki please inquire and more details will follow. …

  • Every little bit counts!

    With the devastating crisis that currently has India in its grip, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and gauge the situation with a distant, not me approach…we’ve decided to help bridge that gap by donating 10% of all sales at the shop starting May 1st to @creativedignity, an organization that works to support India’s artisan communities that at the moment are in great …

  • What’s to come….

    Wow that was a blur….the holidays have command gone and I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for 2020 to be done. This has been really something, though not- I feel quite lucky living here in socially distant Finland – I can’t say I’ve experienced much of a Covid threat and I*m …

  • New Moroccan Jewels!

    I recently came across this lovely new brand that offers a fresh take on Moroccan design, capturing the country’s exotic culture and honouring traditional craftsmanship. Last time I was in Marrakech it was same…same… same….I wasn’t seeing anything new which was a little sad. I’ve now stumbled on this unique brother and sister brand, who …

  • Summer! It came and went….

    Well, that was a blur… Woosh it went! And I have to admit, especially given the crazy state of affairs, covid business etc- Finland hasn’t been such a bad place to be. This is the longest in my 23 years of living here that I’ve never left the country and I have to admit it’s …

  • Welcome to the new shop space!

    We’ve moved to a new amazing space and now are in collaboration with some other crafty ladies! Welcome to NEST Helsinki Korkeavourenkatu 3 in the heart of Helsinki’s Ullalinna district What you’ll find there is: Nest Factory with our boho themed items for you and your home, Rowen Essentials: lovely handmade bedding for children as …

  • Kantha Silk Love

    On my recent trip to India found a new textile to fall in love with: nakshi kantha! The combination of skill, heritage and artisan know-how coming to life on a fabric is to me a wonder- something to be cherished.  How it’s made is a lengthy process, laboriously undertaken in the verdant villages of rural West …

  • Amazing Jodhpur!

    Just back from India, suitcases unpacked. What an adventure! It was on the colder side this time…but still lots to explore, learn, taste and see! Jodhpur is a place I would totally recommend. I can see why it was listed on NY Times top 52 places to visit in 2020! The town has distinctive blue-tinted houses …

  • Heading back to India!

    To take in To browse To create To be inspired To see the sun To eat amazing flavours To meet at least 5 new people To hear tales tall and wide To refresh To gather energy for the coming summer season! Stay tuned… 😉  

  • Our love for the Babouche Slipper

    The babouche slipper is a fixture of Moroccan culture and has been a basic element of their traditional dress code for centuries. Time has worked well for this design as the babouche slipper is still as popular and relevant today as it has always been.  They are not only still a local staple but have …

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