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  • Summer Happenings

    This summer there’s lots of new kaftans and summer beach bound goodies. I found some amazing fabrics last time I was in India from this weaver’s group called Women Weaves based out of Maheshwar. Truly amazing organisation and a labour of love for textiles. Started by a royal (yes that’s correct) American and Indian couple …

  • Our new Summer Collection

    We have a few new shapes this summer from a new printing company. It’s a young brother- sister team that are fresh in the business. I visited them on my last trip to India and we pulled together some lovely prints with easy to wear cuts. All the prints are hand done, it’s a pretty …

  • Nest Factory’s New Home

    We got a new address! It was super sad leaving the cafe but all go things must at times come to an end…Id like to introduce our new studio/shop. It’s a little cooky place but I love it! We are now in the courtyard behind a Finnish institution – Ekberg Cafe! It’s the old stable …

  • Just back from India!

    India is really my place! Just got back last week from a 10 day tour, meeting new people, getting an overload of new ideas and seeing who have now become old friends…I did a 4 city stop over which now thinking about it was pretty bold. I only had one hick up with a canceled …

  • Morocco on the Mind!

    Though I froze a little with the oddly cold temperatures, it was nice to get back to Marrakesh and see how things have changed. Wow is it more a destination place verses a town! New restaurants, new shops (with new price points!) and few things to find- though I will admit this required more searching …

  • Detox Days

      Sitting at my cottage just north of Helsinki, it’s really quiet. Even though Helsinki isn’t a large city, there is still a certain level of constant noise which dissipates pretty quickly as you move away from town. I enjoy this quiet time especially after the holiday craziness. I take these quiet moments to think …

  • Son of a Nutcracker!

    I can not believe we are again at the holidays! This year has really flown by and I’m a little wondering when I’ll have time for all the proper holiday decorating, baking, trimming and what not…I’m actually looking forward to see Bad Mom 2- I think that will put me in a better mood! 😉 …

  • H u n a j a a   &   M a n c h e g o a

    Olen perheestä, jossa harrasteltiin hunajaa. mehiläispesät kesämökillä saivat isän pukeutumaan ajoittain astronautiksi, hunajan tuottaminen tuli tutuksi ja se on aina ollut sydän-juttuja. hunajan laaduissa on eroja samaan tapaan kuin vuosikerta- ja laatikko-viineissä.

  • The Adornment I Love!

    The word “demimonde,” French for “half-world”, refers to the space between the day and the night…dusk. Day is just about done but though night has really yet to get started. It can be what you want, though you must choose one; the dark or the light, or remain in the half world….These are the thoughts …

  • Quietly Moving to Fall

    It’s one year we’ve been at this! Happy Anniversary to us! Love the cafe, happy about the shop! Kiss kiss to all those who walk into the shop and say “Amazing!”, “So cool!”…love it! It keeps me going… My quote choice this volume is connected to my strong feelings towards creating spaces for yourself and …

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