Just back from India!

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India is really my place!

Just got back last week from a 10 day tour, meeting new people, getting an overload of new ideas and seeing who have now become old friends…I did a 4 city stop over which now thinking about it was pretty bold. I only had one hick up with a canceled flight to one destination which took me back to Delhi- but during my delay I met an amazing crafter (who made a mean G&T),  which has lead to ideas for new creations- doors open and close – life is really crazy like that! I love being reminded of that in “real time”…But honestly, I had a gamete of things tossed at me- the immediate India stomach bug (which came and went thank god!), leaving my phone in a taxi to have it returned, crazy taxi rides with a the driver watching multiple social media screens, cows coming at cars, turning up at a locked hotel at midnight…I got a lot of stress exposure….but through it all- everything turned out ok! I survived!… actually I did more than survive I thrived. It was an amazing trip both physically and mentally. I fell so fortunate that I’m able to do this- explore new places and learn about new artisan skills, meet incredible people and push myself out of my comfort zone. I’t nice to be reminded how strong we really are…. It’s a real joy!

Thank you all who pop in to my shop and are curious what I’ve found- it’s even better that I get to share. Here’s some other shots from my trip. Anyone needing tips for Rajasthani please reach out. Happy to help!

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