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There is a certain level of comfort
that comes with a fresh towel.

— Me

Spring is definitely in the air!  The Helsinki shop is buzzing with activity…it seems people are in the mood to move into brighter colors and lighter textures as the warmer season starts to come to life (though we will forget the recent snow…).  If you’re in the hood I’ve brought back a bunch of one off pieces from India, Thailand and Vietnam- so stop by for a look! (…though there’s a few surprises here in the web shop…)

Regarding this Volume, I’ve gotten many emails asking if we still have the organic cotton and linen towels we’ve carried over the years so I thought to focus on these Nest Factory classics. Our organic cotton bath and hand/kitchen towels are all hand spun and wooden loom woven. There’s a large selection of multi functional towels which are super absorbent, soft and quick to dry. There’s some new super sized linen towels, great for bath, beach and sauna. These are super sturdy and absorbent, also easy to care for.  We love them and are pretty sure you will too!

For a Volume special we are offering 40% off the remaining kimonos and morning coats. (The kaftans have all sold out but new ones coming in May!) There’s not many pieces left so act quick! with the free shipping this is a great deal.

So time to stock up your bathrooms, spa worlds and beach bags. Summer is on its way!

For latest new about KUUMA Café look here. We’ve got some new things on the menu!