Thailand on my mind

Thailand on my mind

Hipster haven in Chiang Mai


I was a little unsure what I’d find on this journey. 10 years again I went to Chiang Mai with my family but we really didn’t venture into the city…my husband’s not much of a market shopper type…and in all honesty it didn’t look so interesting. But I know take it all back! It was a wonderful experience and I’m super impressed with the art of the craft there.

So I did the typical Night Market which I recommend to go early- there’s way less crowds and it’s easier to look around. Towards 9pm the crowd was getting a bit thick and the options at the food stands weren’t as numerous…the best part about the Night Market was there were things outside of the traditional plastic kitch. I got to talk to some local artists. This lead me the next day to a neighborhood called Nimman a little outside the walled city.

SO FUN! Thai hipsters a-wingo! And they are making some fun craft, great coffee and some creative places to stay!

Thought to share my top picks:

To stay: (now these are not places I’ve stayed but visited them, poked around and was a little disappointed I didn’t stay there…)

BED Nimmam- new super slick with a lovely pool, nice location to restaurants etc.

The Artel Nimman defined itself as an upcycled design hotel- really funky building with a mellow vibe and cool interiors. No pool.

HUB Hostel- for those on a budget check out this. Super design-y and close to hip bars and restaurants. Age range of clients I spied were 30+ so not too young

Favorite places to eat:
Mango Tango Thailand- the line was around the corner which clued me in this might be worth a stop. OMG! Sooooooo good. I had sticky rice with the juiciest, amazing mango I’ve ever tasted.

SS1254372 Café- a Thai art slash café in a really fun space with fresh food, juice drinks and great coffee.

What to buy? Well for that I suggest you stop by the shop. I’ve got some great new things to share.