Tikda Pillowcase

Tikda Pillowcase

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RaasLeela is this amazing company I recently discovered- They follow sustainability as a lifestyle by repairing, conserving and consuming less and following eco-friendly practices . It is a solution-driven brand. Their focus is on making a difference – in consuming resources, in reviving crafts, in providing an inclusive growth to people who are connected with the brand. We love it! Each of RaasLeela products are 100% hand stitched, with a unique style coming from its female creator.

This pillow caught my eye. There’s amazing embroidery detail all throughout with a fun circular pattern on a natural base. The pillow closes with brass buttons. These come without the pillow insert.

  • Undyed, Unbleached, Handwoven cotton fabric
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • Machine washable/ Hang dry
  • India