Vintage Embroidered Kantha Blanket

Vintage Embroidered Kantha Blanket

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Kantha material consists of layers of old saris that are then quilted/stitched together. It’s a traditional Indian technique to reuse old material giving it new life in another form. Its vintage, which implies that something has lived a life long before reaching you, so each piece is unique and comes with imperfections, which really only adds to their charm. Fading, patching and wear, all contribute to what makes the vintage kantha so desirable. Each piece comes with a personality. But if you’re expecting an immaculate condition Indian throw that is in factory-condition, these are not the blankets for you.

This particular piece is light weight with a turquoise base with purple and blue plaid details on both sides. There's a few accent patches which add some fun. Would look lovely on a child's bed.

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash cool/ hang dry
  • 110 x 180 cm
  • India