Perfect Holiday Gifts

Gearing up for the Holiday Season


Son of a Nutcracker!

— unknown

I can not believe we are again at the holidays! This year has really flown by and I’m a little wondering when I’ll have time for all the proper holiday decorating, baking, trimming and what not…I’m actually looking forward to see Bad Mom 2- I think that will put me in a better mood! 😉

But really that said I love the holidays and now especially with time moving so fast I’m excited about having some calm moments by the fire and relaxing, taking stock and long breaths…being thankful, thinking back to this past years’ accomplished moments, trials and taking stock of lessons learned.

For this volume I’ve pulled together some items that I thought would make fun easy gifts, items that I’ve collected over time and are classics here at  Nest Factory and staples for the colder months ahead or picks for those lucky enough to be heading to the beach.

Happy shopping!


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