Baby Alpaca Poncho


100% baby alpaca woven ponchos- for those that have been with me for awhile I decided to bring them back as many keep asking…they are super soft, one size with a great cut that works well with a variety of shapes. The sleeves are the best as you can wear it easily with coats, so it’s super convenient. The producer is a small family business located in Peru which I started cooperating with via Finn Partnership. It’s a lovely set up with the animal’s well being at the heart of what they produce. These sweaters look delicate but are super durable, easy also to dress up or down depending on one’s mood.

Alpacas produce one of the most versatile fibres in nature. In the Andes they live in high altitudes, with a minimum of oxygen and some times very cold temperatures. Their fleece is light as a feather but still they manage to keep warm and don’t lose energy. This is because of the thermal qualities of the alpaca fiber. It’s very light with unique air pockets that ‘store’ body heat in cooler temperatures and release it in warm weather. While similar to sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is warmer, lighter and not itchy. It has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpaca fiber is lighter, stronger and warmer than merino and mohair. It’s soft as cashmere but far less likely to pill.

  • 100% loom woven baby alpaca
  • one size
  • hand wash, hang dry
  • Peru

black, light grey

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