Basket Lamps


Käsinkudotusta bambu-korilampusta on viime vuosina tullut suosittu nepalilaisissa kodeissa. Lampunvarjostin luo pehmeää valoa huoneeseen, on kevyt ja helppo asettaa paikoilleen. Varjostimen mukana tulee johto ja lampun kanta, muttei polttimoa.

Medium: 40 cm, Large: 50 cm

This is a new spin on a common Nepalese household item. These handwoven bamboo baskets when fitted with lighting to provide soft, delicate shades to one’s room. There are two sizes: Medium 40 cm height and Large 50 cm height.  The light shade comes with the white fabric covered electrical cord and lighting fixture. They are light weight and easy to install.  Light bulb not included.


Medium, Large

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