PomPom Bath Towel


Handwoven 100% natural (non-bleached) cotton bath towels with a pompom trim. These super absorbent, fun towels are great for the home, vacation or sauna adding little ethnic touch to your environment. The towels get better with wash and are quick drying. There’s three color options all on a natural base.

What is Khadi?

Khadi is hand woven fabric made from natural fibers. It’s first hand spun from a ‘Charkha’ or spinning wheel and then the weaving done by hand to create a durable, unique material that works well in both cold and hot climates.¬†Unlike most fabrics, khadi ages beautifully and does not wear out easily. Khadi production provides employment to various rural communities across India. The art of spinning demands hard labour as well as a good investment of time. These are made to last.

  • 100% Hand Woven Cotton
  • 100 x 180 cm
  • Machine wash /spin dry
  • India

Grey, Navy, Black

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