ROAM Candles


100% Soy candles scented to bring to mind travels and places you remember fondly…these subtly scented candles have a 45 hour burn and are made from all natural essential oils. (so non toxic burn) Love them!

SF: Bergamot, Sage, Cedar, Vetiver
LA: Marine, Tobacco, Ginger, Blackcurrent
Washington DC: Cherry Blossom, Cassis, Nectarine, White Casshmere
NYC: AMber, Birch, Mineral, Patchouli
Paris: Muguet, Amber, Vanilla, Oak Moss
London: Lavandin, Black Pepper, Oak Moss, Labdanum
Chicago: Cucumber, Basil, Moss, Wet Stone
Charleston: Jasmine, Magnolia, Tea Olive, Salt

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