Vintage Azilal Carpet

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Azilal carpets, as their name suggests, originate from the craggy and steep Azilal region, located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas Mountains, about 180 km north-east of Marrakech. These rugs feature creative designs that combine irregular and abstract patterns with numerous Berber symbols and diamond-based graphics. They are often decorated with colored materials such as wool and cotton tinted with vegetable dye or threads of recycled, multi-colored cloth. In this sense, each piece is a story told by the artisan who made it.

This vintage piece is 120 x 265 cm, and is in good condition. Perfect for a hallway or next to a bed. Soft to the touch, with just a touch of wear to give it that sought after vintage look.

120 x 265 cm
Made in Morocco

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