Nest Factory – StyleLowRes-11

Vol. 5.0: Quietly Moving to Fall

New tones, new textures and new accessories


Fashion can be bought…style one must possess.

— Edna Woolman Chase

It’s one year we’ve been at this! Happy Anniversary to us! Love the cafe, happy about the shop! Kiss kiss to all those who walk into the shop and say “Amazing!”, “So cool!”…love it! It keeps me going…

My quote choice this volume is connected to my strong feelings towards creating spaces for yourself and how once you’re comfortable with your own personal style, it’s easy to incorporate it into your living space. I’ve been mixing and matching for years, with clothes and decor.  My first apartment was filled with flea market finds, left overs from my parents and things I salvaged from the streets (in a good way ;)) -my aim or style has been to create places that other’s feel comfortable in, which intuitively means I’m comfortable as well. As a social being, I’ve always aimed for inviting, non-stuffy…flexible. I’ve been “shabby chic” before it’s creation  because that’s my thing (I’m also old- we used to term it as dressing/decorating on a small budget!).

I know myself. I like a mix. I challenge textures and I adorn my place with personal history. I’m happy with hand me downs and I love flea markets. That’s what inspires me.  Expensive doesn’t mean “must have”. This is me. Hence the quote- get out there and do your thing. Find your style. There are no wrong answers! And breathe deeply…we all have personal style, it just might not be as mainstream as the rest which is totally amazing!

About this volume I was thinking about fall season coming, nice to make a little effort, adorn, a little bit of sparkle (since it’s soon getting darker…)…this is what I am after at the moment…trying to accessorise more. Choose a few pieces that make you, you! But keeping in mind a little darker color choice, more natural-so there’s a realistic understanding that winter is soon upon us and then the quiet sets in. (also the tan fades…)

I’m super excited about the new Nest Factory gems – they are just enough of regal, with a touch of modern. Something to think about…there’s also some fun things for the home.

For latest new about KUUMA Café look here. There’s been new additions to the menu and we’ve mixed up the space a bit- Welcome!

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