Every little bit counts!

Every little bit counts!

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With the devastating crisis that currently has India in its grip, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and gauge the situation with a distant, not me approach…we’ve decided to help bridge that gap by donating 10% of all sales at the shop starting May 1st to @creativedignity, an organization that works to support India’s artisan communities that at the moment are in great uncertainty and need.

A little goes along way: 57eu will support a family of 5 for home isolation (15 days), 23eu supports a family of 5 with 1 month of food supplies and 12eu supports a Covid+ artisan through their 15 day recovery.

If you’d like to make a general donation, please contact us and we can help facilitate.

Other possible organizations to check out include

@careindiaofficial @dastkar.delhi @delhicraftcouncil

As a small entity we in general thank you for your support, but now know that your support is going a little bit farther…

Tracey, Eva and Abbie