What’s to come….

What’s to come….

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Wow that was a blur….the holidays have command gone and I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for 2020 to be done. This has been really something, though not- I feel quite lucky living here in socially distant Finland – I can’t say I’ve experienced much of a Covid threat and I*m happy to see that the entire downtown isn’t shutting it’s door. There’s still a glimmer of hope for the small people. Our Shop- NEST Helsinki- on Korkeavuorenkatu has really been welcomed with open arms and I have been touched to see the personal need for “support local” coming from the neighbourhood. It’s been heartwarming. I’m also happy to say that the artisans I’ve connected with in India and Morocco are still going strong and have weathered the virus so far which is good news. I’m not sure when I’m able to get back to India but it’s amazing what’s possible with What’sApp ;). So for 2021 what to expect from us? Lots of color!… still a lounging style that we can take to the streets come summer…exceptional quality and craft…trying to connect people with things that bring them joy. That’s our hope!

Stay tuned! and all input welcome. Especially with this Covid time I’m more than ever a firm believer that it takes a village…we are all in this together…