Detox Days

Detox Days

Sitting at my cottage just north of Helsinki, it’s really quiet. Even though Helsinki isn’t a large city, there is still a certain level of constant noise which dissipates pretty quickly as you move away from town. I enjoy this quiet time especially after the holiday craziness. I take these quiet moments to think about the coming year, take stock in how I feel both physically and mentally and sort of clean house, so to speak. I, like so many, appreciate January as a moment to renew and restore.

Being further inland, we have more snow at the cottage so everything is fluffy white and icy. This year like last, winter came in post-Christmas so I’m welcoming the change of scenery.   Happily, there’s more coming down.

I have to admit I’m generally a beach girl, but I’ve come to an understanding it’s easier to embrace the seasons, especially here in Finland where they can be more dramatic, verses fighting them. I fill my winter with candles and cozy soft settings to distract from the outside’s dark and cold. I bundle in sweaters, thick scarves and woolen socks. The days are getting longer which gives a little more energy especially in the mornings. And yes, I’ve a little bit lowered my caffeine intake…

For this volume I’ve pulled together some items that I find add to the winter calm of the moment. Creating soft atmospheres and calm moments, building up for the coming months. (India, Nepal, Vietnam…) We’ve decided to keep the café/shop closed on Mondays in case you’re thinking of stopping by.

(Be sure to check out this month’s special is on pillows. The easiest way to quickly redecorate any space. These are one off pieces so I would quickly take a look if anything entices. 20% off!)

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