Amazing Jodhpur!

Amazing Jodhpur!

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Just back from India, suitcases unpacked. What an adventure! It was on the colder side this time…but still lots to explore, learn, taste and see!

Jodhpur is a place I would totally recommend. I can see why it was listed on NY Times top 52 places to visit in 2020! The town has distinctive blue-tinted houses whitewashed with indigo lime. Initially, the blue color distinguished the Brahmins from other classes of society, but the color was claimed to keep the houses cool and expel flies, so the style spread throughout the neighbourhoods. The old town is surrounded by a solid stone wall which gives it a mid-evil feel, though with an Indian touch as cows, dogs and tuk tuks wander around the narrow winding roads.

Jodhpur is know for its antiques so I was on the hunt. My favourite place was a crazy packed building on the outskirts of town (1 kilometre long!) where Raz patiently walked with me and knew the details of each piece I asked about. Metal cups, bells, Bollywood posters, old pictures…it was incredible! I was tempted to buy a few old doors but just couldn’t choose- they were all so beautiful. I did find some lovely handmade glass bangles (come see them at the shop!) The crafter’s family has been making them for 3 generations. The area  Maharaja is one of their main clients!

Compared to Jaipur this place is the Wild West somewhat. I took a guided tour with a local tour agency which opened up the city to me in ways not possible walking around alone. The tour ended with me having chai on the guide’s family home roof top talking about how they are the 9th generation to live in the building! Pretty amazing. If you are hitting Rajasthan I would definitely recommend. A few Antiquities will be in the shop shortly- stay tuned!