Morocco on the Mind!

Posted by tracey powers erkkila on

Though I froze a little with the oddly cold temperatures, it was nice to get back to Marrakesh and see how things have changed. Wow is it more a destination place verses a town! New restaurants, new shops (with new price points!) and few things to find- though I will admit this required more searching than previous trips….Still though it was great and the carpets and textiles never really do disappoint….We’ve now selected some lovely pieces that will be heading to the shop shortly. This batch stems mainly from the 70-early 80s. I’m going more with the unique colourful pieces, as I feel the Beni Os have been a bit overdone now- or possibly I’m just tired of seeing them. Fingers crossed we’ve discovered some new bags for the summer season and I’ve got some ideas for slippers. Stay tuned for more!

Here’s some pictures from our journey! Xxxx

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