The Colors of Summer

The Colors of Summer

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I’ve heard the amount of flipflops in ones closet
is a good signal how ready one is for summer.
I have 6 pairs!

— from a discussion over lunch last week


Man am I ready for summer- it’s been a long time coming to Finland and very slow getting started. But now I think it’s finally coming to town! Trees are finally blooming and my gardener was right- the perennials at the cottage aren’t dead, just taking their time making their presence known.  Now things are starting to peek through the ground!

To try to help my mood I’ve filled the shop with lots of bright lively color. Many of these items I found on my spring trip to Asia and India but I wanted to save them for just the right moment.  There’s some throws and bed covers that bring cheer to any space. Pillows made from vintage Hill Tribe textiles, with embroidered seeds and crazy fringe. Love them! I’m also putting out our new kimono and caftan collection which I’m really excited about. Hand block printed in fun colors and patterns- great for an easy summer look.

Nice to hear your thoughts.  Happy shopping!

For latest new about KUUMA Café look here. NOTE: The shop/cafe is closed for July but you can always reach me via Facebook. Web shop of course is open.